Removal of Bank Vault Door

Client Name: Property Landlord
Location: Clydebank
Business Sector: Commercial

Client’s Requirement

Safe removal of obsolete bank vault door from former Clydebank RBS Branch.


The biggest obstacle in this job by far was the immense weight of the door as well as access to remove the door safely from the site.

Solution/services delivered by Whyte & Christie

Anything we could do to make the door lighter had to be done before it was removed from the door frame which was built into the structure of the room. We started by carefully stripping out the internal locking mechanism of the door to lighten the load for removal. The internal workings were concealed within the door so this was a lengthy process as the back covering of the door had to be removed first.

Prior to removing the door from its hinges and frame the door was braced. The hinges were then cut and the door lowered onto timber bearers on the floor in a controlled manner. Due to the heavy weight of the door and the Health and Safety concerns all this was carried out after meticulous planning to reduce the risk of injury.

The door was manoeuvred onto a pallet truck to enable easier and safe removal.


The door was disposed of in compliance with SEPA regulations.